January 20, 2014: Members of the Digital Media Team have been meeting several evenings each week and communicating by e-mail and Facebook. The goal is to work toward the FIRST Robotics Media & Technology Innovation Award sponsored by Comcast, which recognizes the team that develops and implements the most outstanding digital experience, marketing strategy, and rationale for digital channels to disseminate content to its audience, and further the FIRST mission. Watch here for news and updates!

February 7, 2014: Our team has reached a milestone. We have recorded several segments of our new digital channel, and have created several pages for our new yearbook. These will be unveiled as a part of our 2014 award submission. Stay tuned…

February 10, 2014: The first webisode of FIRST Robotics Channel 172: The Northern Force News Source, is scheduled to be released this Friday, Valentines Day. Tune in right here to find out about PINK.

February 28, 2014: The Northern Force News Source releases the second webisode in a four-webisode series. In this webisode, our media team talks about the 2014 challenge, Aerial Assist(SM).

Tune in for the last two webisodes, “Gracious Professionalism” and “The Science Behind It All.”

Also on February 28, the media team released the first draft of the 2014 Team 172 Yearbook. Find the link on the media page. The final publication will be available in mid-March, 2014.

Media Team members: Brian, Daniel, Josh, Lucas, Mary, Mia, Morgan, Samuel and Matt.

Mentors: Lori and Mary

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