January is National Mentoring Month!

This month is National Mentoring Month! Celebrate our mentors with us by posting on social media with the hashtags #MentoringMonth and #CHAMPIONTHEGAME, and tell us how mentors have made an impact on you. Mentors are such a big part of making everything we do possible, so it’s always good when we get a chance to thank them for all they do. 

2018 Competition Season “8-Bit” Avatar Possibilities

     VS        OR    (rough draft)

Northern Force 172, what do you think of this POWER-UP 8-Bit avatar options?

New Camera For Our Robots!

2mp-hd-security-cameraFor the 2016 FIRST Robotics Competition challenge, Stronghold, team Northern Force is planning to use an imaging system. This 2 Mega-pixel IP Camera has built-in infrared illumination and can operate over a range of high resolutions and frame rates which will be helpful in optimizing bandwidth with our software interface. At some point in the feature we hope to use the camera over wifi using an access point as explained in this wireless ip camera setup guide. Northern Force’s programming team is developing image-processing algorithms that will help the drive team target boulders at the opposing Stronghold tower!

FIRST Championship 2015

FIRST-CMP2015-AppButtonWe’re going to Worlds!

Check out the FIRST Championship website for information about the event,
schedules, apps for iOS and Android, and more.

If you can’t make it to St. Louis, you can watch the competition streaming live!
We’re competing in the “Carver” division.

Week 4 Programming Progress

The programming team met with the design team to help the programmers have a better vision on what they need to make for the 2015 robot.


RoboRio Team:

The team took last years prototype robot and began writing code so that the drive team could have another robot to practice with. The team has run into a code that complies, but does not run. It has given them an error that says there is “no joystick detected”. The new web based configuration tool rocks! The team was able to very quickly assign ids to talons and update firmware with it. The team has figured out that deploying code and debugging code on the roborio is much easier than with the crio. Next, this team wants to update the computers to have the same program on each and continually debug the code.


Legacy Chassis Team:

This team has found that the chassis is bricked, if they still want to get it driving it will need to be re-imaged/unbricked. Next this team will need to install the latest firmware to unbrick the chassis, they will also need to debug it to get another working chassis.


Scouting App Team:

They will be continually coding, up next they will finish the subsystems for the android application. They also need to start a new code for a blue tooth server and client.

Week 4 Mechanical Progress

The mechanical team continued work on the two chassises. By the weekend’s end, four mecanum wheels were attached to both chassises. Gearboxes and CIM’s were added earlier on this week. Once the drive train is complete, work will begin on the manipulator(s).

The mechanical team has also fabricated a human player station and the team version of the scoring table is almost complete.

Week Three Update

The Electrical Team has been working on completing the electrical test board and installing it onto a test chassis so the Programming team to begin installing the code.  Wiring for a second electrical board has begun, and it will be installed on the competition robot next week.

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