Robot Love: Inside Dean Kamen’s FIRST Championship 2014

championship2014Check out this great article by Chris Davies for SlashGear about the 2014 Championship and how Dean Kamen was inspired to create FIRST.

Robot Love: Inside Dean Kamen’s FIRST Championship 2014

Software Design Innovation: To Catch a Ball


Check out Joseph’s Design Innovation Scholarship presentation on using cameras and innovative software design to teach a robot to catch a ball.

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FIRST Robotics Channel 172 Webisode 4 – The Science Behind It All

March 28, 2014: In our fourth webisode, the FIRST Channel 172 news team brings the focus back to the students and mentors on the team, and their accomplishments.

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Team 172 on Box Talk Radio


On Saturday, March 29 2014, Box Talk Radio broadcast Derek Volk’s interview with Nicole and Elliot about our team! This interview was conducted at the Maine Manufacturing Summit in New Gloucester.

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FIRST Robotics Channel 172 Webisode 3 – Gracious Professionalism

March 14, 2014: The Northern Force News Source releases the third webisode in a four-webisode series. In this webisode, our media team talks about what FIRST calls “gracious professionalism” and our fantastic mentors.

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FIRST Robotics Channel 172 Webisode 2 – The Challenge

FIRST Robotics Channel 172 Webisode 1 – The History of Pink

February 14, 2014: Here it is, the first 2014 webisode of Team 172. This week, inspired by our team color, not to mention Valentine’s Day, our news team brings you their report of The History of Pink.

See more videos here.

Somewhere in New York

The Internet and I have not been getting along, so no posts Friday and Saturday. Sorry!

Friday we had 4 qualification matches, resulting in 3 wins 4 losses overall. Saturday we lost our match in the morning. At 10:30, we were… not selected for an elimination alliance.

Not much of a surprise. We ended up 70-something in Archimedes. While it would have been nice to play a few more rounds, we weren’t exactly expecting to be pick, so it was no great disappointment. Instead, we packed up, got lunch, and then watched some rounds from the stands. For the drive team, these were among the first matches we had watched. It’s a good long walk from the pits to the stands, so we hadn’t made it many times.

Division elimination took most of the afternoon, but eventually the winners of all four assembled on Einstein, the final field. Einstein matches were interspersed with speeches and the awards ceremony. We were pleased to note that our adversaries from Manchester, Team 610, had risen to the top of Galileo division.

The final matches took several hours, all told. Arthur and I had a nice vantage point of the field. We and the Team 172 (Buzz) students cheered 610 on… probably confusing their drive team in the process. We’re happy to say that team 610’s alliance won! Which means we can now say that we didn’t win Manchester, but only because the World Champion robot was there.

But wait, there’s more! Team 125 (Nutrons) and Team 4761 (Robockets) rode down from Boston together, but their bus broke down Saturday. So, in addition to our own members, we have about a dozen Robocketeers aboard the bus with us. It’s cramped… but I’m happy to report that I slept even better on the floor than on a seat (and no one stepped on me–thanks, guys!).

We’re now about 18 hours into the trip back, and expect that it will be at least 6 hours before we get to exit 46. On the bright side, we’re definitely bonding.

See you tonight!

No, we’re not dead