Thank You to our Mentors

Did you know that Team 172 is one of the few teams that, in non-pandemic years, provides meals to our team during build season? We can only do that with the volunteer efforts of our parents. April is National Volunteer Month—Team 172 wants to send a shout out to all the parent volunteers who support the team. Parents serve not only as mentors, but assist in fundraising, drive students to events, help with construction of the pit, create costumes, signs, & posters, cook and do so much more! So THANK YOU, parent volunteers, for all you do!

January is National Mentoring Month!

This month is National Mentoring Month! Celebrate our mentors with us by posting on social media with the hashtags #MentoringMonth and #CHAMPIONTHEGAME, and tell us how mentors have made an impact on you. Mentors are such a big part of making everything we do possible, so it’s always good when we get a chance to thank them for all they do. 

1/21 Parent Update:

Team 172’s Parent Group offers team support through fundraising initiatives, instruction and oversight of sub committees, supplying team meals during build season, and providing transportation to competitions.  They also cheer like maniacs from the bleachers, and, in the case of the 2020 season, offer up mad sewing skilz. We couldn’t do it without them!

Team 172 Meets Again!

A few weeks ago, Northern Force students and mentors alike held their first All Team Meeting in a very long time, however this time, it was over Zoom. It was a strange new experience for everyone but we managed to get through it, seeing approval from most attendees. During the meeting, we introduced new students to the overall idea of the FIRST Robotics Competition. Using breakout rooms (a feature within Zoom to create smaller meetings within the original), students on the Leadership team held small conversations with new students to introduce them to 2019’s game; Destination: Deep Space. New students were given the opportunity to watch the animated trailer, read over the Game Manual, and devise optimal strategies for winning matches and obtaining Ranking Points. The team also went through the same orientation stuff as each year, describing the season, talking about subteams, registration, etc. The team also discussed the possibility of tackling one of FIRST’s many new challenges that have been introduced for the “at-home” season this year. Team 172 is bound to have many more meetings like this in the near future. 

Mums Sale Update-Final

The Mums Sale ended on August 28th, and 327 mums were sold in total. Congratulations to the top 10 students who sold the most!

  1. Grant: 47
  2. Aiden: 41
  3. Max: 37
  4. Seth: 31
  5. Carissa: 25
  6. Libby: 24
  7. Seamus: 22
  8. Zack: 22
  9. Ben: 19
  10. Hunter: 13

Thank you to everyone who participated!