National Volunteer Month

It’s April and that means it’s National Volunteer Month, a full month dedicated to celebrating volunteerism. And who has the best volunteers? That’s right! Northern Force Team 172! We couldn’t do it without all of our volunteer mentors. THANK YOU, mentors, for all your hard work in support of the Northern Force!!

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Mums Sale Update-Final

The Mums Sale ended on August 28th, and 327 mums were sold in total. Congratulations to the top 10 students who sold the most!

  1. Grant: 47
  2. Aiden: 41
  3. Max: 37
  4. Seth: 31
  5. Carissa: 25
  6. Libby: 24
  7. Seamus: 22
  8. Zack: 22
  9. Ben: 19
  10. Hunter: 13

Thank you to everyone who participated!