2021 Clynk Challenge Rules

  1. RULES:
    1. Challenge starts July 1, 2021
    2. four (4) full CLYNK bags = 1 fundraising hour (remember each student is expected to earn 10 or more fundraising hours to qualify for travel with the team and this is one way to earn those hours;
    3. Monthly incentive prizes for most CLYNK bags collected, with grand prize winners announced in January;
    1. Be sure they all have stickers,
    2. Fill the bags with returnables
    3. Upload your weekly photo of bags collected here by midnight on Friday.  Data will be entered into a leaderboard so you can check out the competition.  
    4. Drop the bags off at a CLYNK drop-off site (Hannaford).
    1. Monthly winner:  1 fundraising hour plus a small gift card; 
    2. Monthly 2nd & 3rd place students:  small gift card IF and ONLY IF totals are greater than 50% of the winner’s total;
    3. Grand Prize Winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd places):
      1. will receive larger gift cards; and 
      2. will be announced at the January kickoff meeting.  
    1. Weeks and months end at midnight on Friday’s;
    2. Challenge starts on July 1, 2021 and runs through Thursday, December 31, 2021
    3. Use this padlet to report your totals with a picture of your bags;
    4. honor system – play fair;
    5. Make this a fun event.

So start saving those returnables, talk with your neighbors, have your parents investigate sources of returnables at work, etc.  Pick up your CLYNK bags and start earning your fundraising hours.  Mentors are encouraged to participate also.

Good luck,

Mrs. Moutinho, Mr. Kraljic, and the Team 172 Student Leadership Team

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