The following lists the fabulous mentors that contribute their time and expertise to assist us in our ambition endeavor.

John Kraljic

Michelle Moutinho (Advisor)

Steve Nutt – IDEXX
Jenn Gagner – IDEXX
Sean Flanigan – LANCO
Richard Burt – LANCO
Alec Parent – LANCO
Mick Daigle – LANCO
 Paul Gorsky – Pactiv
Peter Matthews – MEGA
Shaun McKinnon – LANCO
Mark Neff – Douglas Brothers
Rob Sampson – Tooling and Part Development
Sean Flanigan – Wasco
Ron Willey – SMRT
Terry Bartick – GHS
Kyle Willis – White Knuckle Kustoms
Alyssa Chaplin – USM
Thomas Luce – Maine Health


Jay Crosby – IDEXX
Dan Martin – Acadia Controls
Rich Roussel – Two Tigers software
Tom Moutinho – Texas Instruments

Kevin Conroy – RLC Engineering

William Emerson

John Wilcox – Simeons (retired)

Rules & Strategies
Louise Abramson
Mike Bryant – Auto Europe
Digital Media
Lori Arsenault
Safety Award
Rayna Smith – Curran Company
Field Announcer
James Lockman – Adobe Systems Inc.


Chairman’s Award
Angela Otslund


Spirit Award
Luc Demers


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