Raffle for Patriots Tickets

2015-patriots-vs-titansHelp support Team 172 and get a chance to win tickets to a Patriots game!

Buy a raffle ticket and get your name in the drawing. Each of the two winners will get a ticket to the Patriots home game against the Titans. Drawing is on December 2nd.

Thank You, Lanco!


After over 10 years of support from Lanco, our team presented them with this plaque to show our appreciation. The picture shows two of our team members, Joe Moutinho on left and Max Abramson on right, with the president of Lanco, Edward J. Karabec.

Programming Team Progress – Week 5

The programming team met on February 3, 5 and 6. Some students are working on code at home outside of our normal meetings.

We do not have tablets we need to test on. This is not yet blocking the team as we can continue developing the software and testing on the android simulator. We will need the actual devices for final testing.

The chassis with the roboRio and Talons is now functional. The code was missing calls to motors, though. The roboRio and chassis will be transitioned to LANCO for the parts to be re-purposed.

Next week we will assign subsystems for developers to write for the 2015 robot.

Some wheels do not drive in a predictable manner.

The spread sheet parser is complete.

We will continue to write code for the subsystems of the android application (initial database schema definition) and then start new code (blue tooth server, blue tooth client).

Week Three Update

The Electrical Team has been working on completing the electrical test board and installing it onto a test chassis so the Programming team to begin installing the code.  Wiring for a second electrical board has begun, and it will be installed on the competition robot next week.

Week 1 and 2 progress

The design team has been busy and has successfully created a chassis design and a good conceptual model of the rest of the robot.

The mechanical team has been keeping busy modifying the cart, assembling gear boxes, and building field elements. James Libby, the LANCO cnc master started, on Saturday, cutting the box tubing that will make up the majority of our robot’s chassis. He hopes to finish it Monday night. The mechanical team has also been doing some prototyping for the design team.

The electrical team has rewired our batteries, replaced the cRIO’s and speed controllers on the two older robot chassises. The new roboRIO has now been installed on a drivable chassis.

Galactic Bowling Robotics Fundraiser

 January 18th, 2015

Come to the Northern Force galactic bowling fundraiser at Spare Time Bowling on Riverside Street in Portland! It will run from 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm.  Admission is $12 dollars, which covers shoes, at the door (the admission fee does not cover food and arcade games).

Robotics members will receive an hour towards their fundraising requirements for every friend or family member they bring with them. A portion of the proceeds of this event will go towards the Northern Force FalGor robotics team, and help support and fund the team.

Live life in the fast lane, come and join us in your spare time. We’re gonna have a ball!